Landscapes and natural surfaces such as tree barks, lichens or stones offer an endless source of inspiration. All that surrounds me has an impact on my work. 
So far, the wheel seems to be the tool I need to center myself. It is the technique I use the most while working with clay and my mind is usually set to find a way to make pieces come alive while throwing on the wheel. 
Wedging, centering, opening the clay to create space and void are all meditative steps leading to a certain shape, at a precise moment.
Being present, in this moment, and enjoying the creative process is essential for me, as I do believe that the maker's energy remains, somehow, in the piece. 
My work explores the acceptance of imperfection, whereas using the wheel involves the opposite: forming the perfect, regular circle. I find myself on a never-ending journey looking for balance. A balance that lies in contrasts between roughness and softness, straight lines and asymmetry, simple shapes, as a canvas for dramatic glaze drips, with a natural palette of colors and various textures. 
Finding a serene harmony between all these aspects is my main focus, to allow my pieces to transmit this emotion.
Aesthetics and purpose go hands in hands and the ceramics I make are meant to be reached, touched, felt and used.
My vessels are a support for the flowers, the tea, the vibrant food you will combine with it, main protagonists of the story.